The establishment of London Hair Restoration Training Academy




One of the main problems in the Hair Restoration industry is the lack of proper education for doctors and other health care providers.

Medical schools simply do not teach much about hair and scalp disorders. They offer little help and education to those interested in hair loss as a specialty or sub-specialty.

Doctors wishing to learn this specialty often attend short; non academic seminars. Afterwards they simply set up a practice and do novitiate work on often unsuspecting patients. This is not a formula for success. In fact, it is just the opposite. It takes more than a typical seminar to gain the knowledge and experience required to have a successful hair restoration practice!

In order to help deal with this immense problem, we established the London Hair Restoration Training Academy Limited in 2009, the world’s first full time training institution for hair restoration.

LHRTA developed strict educational protocols and SOPS (Standard Operating Procedures) and since its establishment it has trained over 150 doctors, nurses and clinic managers from all around the world.

London’s Hair Restoration Training Academy protocols are recognized by Public Health Authorities, ISO, the World Health Academy and are taught at public European Universities.