London Hair Restoration Training Academy Ltd has established an official collaboration with DHI Global Medical Group, a multinational organization dedicated in research, diagnosis and treatment of Hair and Scalp disorders.

Every year,  through our career connection office, many students are absorbed by DHI Medical Group and they have the opportunity to collaborate or work over 62 clinics in more than 30 countries.

  • After completing the online training with London Hair Restoration Training Academy, I feel that I understand the aetiology, diagnosis and treatment for male and female pattern alopecia. The training academy is detailed, thorough and well structured and thus I would highly recommend the training for any new clinic Director and Coordinator. With the help and support of the the Medical Directors, any further help, investigations and treatment planning advice that is required when consulting a patient, is readily available at an instant.

    Zuber Bagasi
    DHI Blackpool Clinic Director