Distance Learning Courses ideal for physicians who wish to acquire in depth knowledge of FUE Advanced Method.

An online platform provides study materials, videos and literature  for modules and allows completion of summative assessments.

An ideal platform for those physicians that they do not have the time availability in order to travel and participate on our Hands on Courses.

The online training platform consists of several informative unities and each one is followed by a series of multiple choice tests that the student should every time pass with a percentage of 100% success in order to proceed and finally finish this electronic training program.

How will you study?

With LHRTA Distance Learning Courses, you can study at home or at work, on the move or on the beach – reading and watching, doing activities and assignments, taking part in webinar or live seminars.

Assets of Distance Learning Courses

  • London Hair Restoration Training Academy comes to you, wherever you are in the world.
  • You don’t have to put your life on hold to get the qualification you want.
  • You choose when and where to study.
  • Unit 1: Alopecia and Hair Restoration

    1.Hair Restoration History
    1.1 Hair Loss and Alopecia
    1.2 Types of Alopecia (Cicatricial and Non-Cicatricial)
    1.3 Androgenetic Alopecia in Men
    1.4 Androgenetic Alopecia in Women
    1.5 Alopecia Areata in Specific
    Total Questionnaire
  • Unit 2: Diagnostic Procedures

    2 Diagnosis of Hair Loss and Alopecia
    2.1 Operative and Non-Operative Alopecias—Contraindications for Hair Restoration
    2.2 Diagnostic Steps
    2.4 Psychological Parameters
    2.5 Mathematical Calculations
    2.6 Medical Parameters
    Total Questionnaire II
  • Unit 3: Operative Procedures

    3.1 The Technique (Advanced FUE)
    3.2 Advantages of the Advanced FUE technique in comparison with classic FUE and Strip Methods
    3.3 Donor Area—Rules of Extraction
    3.4 Rules of Placement—the Implanter Device
    3.5 Design of the Hairline (in Men And Women)
    3.6 Distribution of Grafts
    3.7 Depth of Placement
    3.8 Direction and Angle of Placement
    3.9 Placement Density
    Total Questionnaire III
  • Unit 4: Special conditions, complications and other procedures

    4.1 Body Hair Extraction
    4.2 Special Cases and Conditions in Hair Restoration
    4.3 Hair Restoration Complications
    4.4 Facial and Body Hair Restoration
    4.5 PRP: A Supportive Treatment
    Total Questionnaire IV

To register to this course send us:

A copy of your Medical Diploma  (MBBS/MBcHB, MD, BDS) recognized either in the E.U. or in the country of issue.

A copy of your CV

Valid Passport and visa for the E.U when applicable.

Any proof of English knowledge in B2 level or more.

*Notes: After the fulfilling of your registration you will receive your personal on line codes in order to start your training!

Every certified physician regardless their specialty and or previous experience in hair restoration procedures.

Following the completion of the training program the students have the option to do hands on practice by participating on our Live Workshops in the London Hair Restoration Training Academy cooperative clinics*.

The trainees who will successfully pass these tests will receive a Certification of Attendance issued by London Hair Restoration Training Academy.

* London & Athens