Course Outline


Scalp Micropigmentation is quickly becoming one of the most popular solutions for male hair loss in the world. It is a non-surgical procedure where tiny deposits of pigment are placed within the upper dermis of the skin. These pigments stimulate the hair follicle and provide the effect of existing neatly trimmed hairs.

The pigment selection, needle size, penetration depth, penetration angle and clustering of deposits all play an important part in providing you with an outstanding final result.

This is why the skill and experience of the practitioner is essential. London Hair Restoration Academy offers complete training programs to provide all trainees with an incomparable level of expertise in micropigmentation.

  • Part A: Online Training (Duration 5 days)

    • Introduction to Male and Female Hair loss
    • Available Treatments today
    • Consultation techniques
    • Hygiene and Sterilization
    • Instructions Before Micropigmentation
    • Instructions After Micropigmentation
    • Particularities of clients depending on race
  • Part B: Workshops (Duration 5 days)

    • Introduction to the tattoo machine and the inks
    • Micropigmentation Techniques
    • Micropigmentation on scars
    • Hairline Design
    • Micropigmentation on women
    • Density Techniques
    • 3D Linear Technique

The kit includes:

  • 1 DHI Tattoo Gun
  • 100 Disposable Grips and 100 disposable needles
  • 3 Ink Bottles
  • Live Practice Sessions
  • 3 Practice Skin
  • 10 Headline Stencils

Following the completion of the training program the trainees will have the option to do hands on practice and training with live clients in the London Hair Restoration Training Academy cooperative clinics.

The certification process includes an oral examination with the Scientific committee as well as a written examination.

The trainees who will successfully pass these tests will receive the certification and DIploma in Scalp Micropigmentation Total Care System .