Hair Transplant Training Courses For Physicians

Do you want to get an introduction into hair restoration or advance your knowledge and skills in hair transplants?

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Hands-on Hair Transplant Training

This private course is specifically designed for physicians who wish to acquire in depth knowledge and Hands-On training on the Direct Hair Transplant technique.

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University Diploma

The London Hair Restoration Training Academy has teamed up with National & Kapodistrian University of Athens to offer for the first time, an University-Level Academic Certification in Hair Restoration!

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Distance learning

For busy physicians with limited time, a distance course has been designed to offer the most up-to-date insight knowledge in Direct Hair Transplants.  

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PRP Training

Acquire in depth knowledge and hands-on training in PRP hair loss treatment with this one day course.  

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Hair Transplant Training Courses for Nurses

Are you a nurse who wants to join the hair restoration field?

Hands-On Hair Transplant Training

Hands-On assistant 1-to-1 training on the Direct Hair Transplant technique designed just for nurses.

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Distance Learning

A distance learning education course designed to provide in depth knowledge of the Direct Hair Transplant method to nursing staff.

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Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Training

Become a Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) specialist!

Hands-on Training

An ideal opportunity for technicians to acquire Scalp Micro-Pigmentation  Hands-On practice and build their skills.  

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