A distance course ideal for physicians who wish to acquire in depth knowledge of the modern FUE Hair Transplant technique without the hassle of travelling.

FUE hair transplant training. Right where you are.

Join the most advanced online training course for physicians who wish to enter the hair restoration industry.

The course includes an introduction to hair loss and hair restoration, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the widely demanded modern FUE Hair Transplant technique.

After the successful completion trainees are entitled to register for the Live Workshops at the London Hair Restoration Training Academy associated clinics either in London or Athens.

The online training course consists of 4 units. Each unit is assessed by a series of multiple choice tests that the trainee should pass with a 100% success in order to proceed to the next unit. All units need to be successfully completed for course completion.

  • 1.1 Hair Restoration History
  • 1.2 Hair Loss and Alopecia
  • 1.3 Types of Alopecia (Cicatricial and Non-Cicatricial)
  • 1.4 Androgenetic Alopecia in Men
  • 1.5 Androgenetic Alopecia in Women
  • 1.6 Alopecia Areata
  • Assessment Questionnaire I
  • 2.1 Diagnosis of Hair Loss and Alopecia
  • 2.2 Operative and Non-Operative Alopecia—Contraindications for Hair Restoration
  • 2.3 Diagnostic Steps
  • 2.4 Psychological Parameters
  • 2.5 Mathematical Calculations
  • 2.6 Medical Parameters
  • Assessment Questionnaire II
  • 3.1 The Advanced FUE Technique
  • 3.2 Advantages of the Advanced FUE technique in comparison with classic FUE and Strip Methods
  • 3.3 Donor Area—Rules of Extraction
  • 3.4 Rules of Placement—the Implanter Device
  • 3.5 Design of the Hairline in Men And Women
  • 3.6 Distribution of Grafts
  • 3.7 Depth of Placement
  • 3.8 Direction and Angle of Placement
  • 3.9 Placement Density
  • Assessment Questionnaire III
  • 4.1 Body Hair Extraction
  • 4.2 Special Cases and Conditions in Hair Restoration
  • 4.3 Hair Restoration Complications
  • 4.4 Facial and Body Hair Restoration
  • 4.5 An adjuvant Therapy
  • Assessment Questionnaire IV

An Easier & Faster Learning Experience

Close up training videos

Watch close up training videos that will make you feel like you are in the session room.

Access from anywhere, any time

Take the course from your home or office, or even on the go using your mobile devices, any time of the day or night.


Physicians who attend the distance learning course receive a Certification of completion.

Application form

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    Entry requirements

    Only registered physician – regardless their specialty and or previous experience in hair restoration procedures – can take this course.

    To register for the Distance Course the following documents will be requested:

    • A copy of your Degree
    • A copy of your CV

    Tuition fees

    The cost of the Hair Transplant Distance Training Course is 2,900€ (+19% VAT).


    Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Use the online contact form or call us:
    UK: +447498761322
    Greece: +306970112907

    Hear From Our Trainees

    Renata Kliunkiene MD, DermatologistLithuania

    I was very impressed by the quality standardization that London Hair Restoration Training Academy has developed in cooperation with public European Universities

    Arturo Diaz Carandell MD, Plastic SurgeonSpain

    The training is detailed, thorough and well structured and thus I would highly recommend the training for any new clinic Director and Coordinator

    Fadi Hamadani MD, Plastic surgeonPalestine

    Direct Hair Implantation is a phenomenon technique. Several people claim to offer it but the LHRTA is the roots, the origin where it was invented

    Andy Cheng MDHong Kong

    I have learned a lot about technique and skills in hair transplant. It is an excellent course

    Nasir Ali MD, General DoctorU.K.

    I had my training in Hair Restoration at the London Hair Restoration Training Academy. It was a great experience. I highly recomend to every doctor

    Waqas Haider Chaudhary MDUK

    I had my training in Hair Restoration at the London Hair Restoration Training Academy. It was a great experience. I highly recomend to every doctor

    Yaron Zenaty MD, DermatologistIsrael

    I really enjoyed every minute of the training. It was a great experience. I highly recommend London Hair Restoration Training Academy